The Curious Case of Norb澳门永利在线erto Neto

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A more pressing concern, however, is Thursday. Supporters seem to be of a mind to get behind him during the game, at least, for the greater good. But how will he perform after nearly two months大发赌场 without match action? And what pressure will he feel knowing that if he makes a blunder the fans are just waiting for the final whistle to get on his back?

Or, scratch that, maybe it isn't. Because if Tatarusanu struggles with injury and Montella does not have complete faith in Rosati, we could have the prospect of Neto turning out in the upcoming Coppa Italia semi-final with Juventus. One of the clubs, of course, he has been constantly linked with moving to in the summer.

Let's recap how things got to this uncomfortable situbbin注册自动送白菜ation. The Viola dilly-dallied over offering their Brazilian a new contract and, when they got around to it, he declined. The clear implication in everyone's mind is that he has a better offer in the bag for the end of this season when his current deal expires. Juventus, Roma, the Premiership – you decide.

I imagine a sheepish Montella shuffling up to the young Brazilian to sound him out about the prospect. The coach has said the player is a professional and he would have no problem playing him but, still, the conversation must have been a bit uneasy. A footballer you thought would never turn out for you again will now be asked to play in a vital fixture. As situations go, it is hard to imagine one more awkward.

But the club had not foreseen injury to their Romanian when they failed to add another goalkeeper to their Europa League squad. It left them with the stark choice of playing Neto in one of the biggest games of the season so far or turning to youth team keeper Luca Lezzerini. Reluctantly, you feel, they brought their player back in from the cold.

It helped that he had an experienced deputy in Ciprian Tatarusanu waiting in reserve. After a couple of wobbles, he has settled in well to the role. As former Viola goalkeeper Pino Taglialatela said recently: "Tatarusanu has done in two months what it took Neto three-and-a-half years to do." It seemed the South American was but a distant memory with Antonio Rosati signed as extra cover.

It has added an extra sprinkling of herbs to what already was a tasty fixture. The Viola hung on in there through some tough times in London to secure an excellent 1-1 draw in the first leg. They stand on the brink of a famous victory and another step closer to a Europa League crown which could bring a Champions League reward. But will they be berating or back-slapping their controversial keeper when the full time whistle blows?

It feels a little like two bitterly-divorced parents forced back together for some family gathering. At best it will be a bit awkward, at worst downright 正规赌博网frosty and filled with animosity. But, like it or not, Norberto Neto and Fiorentina will be reunited against Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday night.

The club and its supporters feel more than a little miffed over his decision not to sign. They reckon they stood by him through a string of less-than-convincing displays and deserved a little bit of loyalty. But that, as we all know in the modern game, is harder to find than truffles in a thousand-acre woodland.

The stand-off left Vincenzo Montella with one of those thorny decisions to make which have become so common nowadays. Do you play an in-form player who you know is going to leave at the end of the season? Or do you decide to leave him frozen out on the bench or in the stands for the remainder of his contract? With fans already jeering any sight of the Brazilian netminder, he went with the latter.